Ever since the man he loved disappeared, soldier Edwyn Hendricks a’Prim has been trapped in a soul-crushing rut. The monotony of heartbreak gets shaken up when an affable thief claiming to be a dragon beseeches Hendricks for help with his sick mother. It might be dangerous to help the thief, but Hendricks is weak before a compassionate man. Fortunately, no group is more capable of performing miracles and saving dragons than the Absolutes.

The captain of the Absolutes, Salter Taffy, has been unable to forget the family he was forced to abandon ten years ago. When his trusted comrade, Hendricks, insists on helping a sick dragon, Taffy jumps at the chance to visit someone who can talk to dragons—his ex-wife. Taffy aims to keep the visit cordial, but when he sees his old love, he can’t help trying to win the dauntless woman back.

When they learn the sick dragon is more important than they ever suspected, Hendricks and Taffy’s friendship is tested—to preserve a part of their world’s foundation, one of them is going to have to sacrifice his happy ending.


My Heart Is Yours is a complete, standalone 50k novella in The Absolutes series.

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