In the silent film era, deaf actor Gilbert Wilton’s handsome and expressive face is all he needs to be a star. As talkies start taking over the film industry, though, Gilbert’s long-time partner and director leaves him. At the apex of heartbreak and a career going up in flames, Gilbert returns home one night to find his house being burgled--by his childhood best friend.

Even after decades apart, Quill Phillips is as untrustworthy (and attractive) as ever. When Quill offers to do anything for Gilbert in exchange for letting him go, an idea pops into the actor’s head.

It’s a petty act of revenge, but the director has a lucky charm he never shoots a movie without. With Gilbert’s intimate knowledge of the director’s home and Quill’s infiltration skills, the pair set out to steal the lucky charm--and, unintentionally, each other's hearts.

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