Tyson Falls is ready to get married. After being disowned by his parents, his adorably grumpy boyfriend has made cautiously optimistic Tyson embrace the concept of family again. Armed with a ring and the newest video game, Tyson has plans for the nerdiest proposal.

Life throws a wrench in Tyson’s plans when he meets someone online during a multiplayer match. Someone that makes him rethink if he’s ready to start a family—the half-sister he never knew he had.

With the harsh reminder of how messy families can be, Tyson plunges headfirst into despair. Phil doesn’t deserve to be dragged into such a terrible bond. As Tyson wades through trauma and tries to push away the concept of family, he keeps turning to the man he loves most—the person who challenges him to redefine family.

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Team Phison Forever contains the following:
- Detailed references to mental and emotional abuse
- Estranged family
- Attempted reconciliation
- Emotional fallout from discovering a hidden family member
- Abuse toward a mentally ill person for being mentally ill
- Brief references to physical abuse, homophobia, transphobia, and racism
- References to deaths of parents/caregivers
- Alcohol consumption as a way to deal with bad feelings
- Explicit sex scenes
- Excessive swearing on Phil’s end (some things never change)
Queer representation in Team Phison Forever includes:
- bisexual cis male protagonist
- gay cis male love interest