At thirty-five, Vincent Ezell has settled into a routine. The nonbinary bartender sleeps during the day, serves drinks at night, contemplates the mysterious pendant his biological parents left him in between, and (most importantly) avoids dating coworkers. It's isolating, but anything is better than getting ghosted again—at least, he clings to this belief until his hot new coworker melts the walls guarding his fragile heart.

Kit Clayton has broken ties with his morally bankrupt family and their billion-dollar oil company, prompting him to borrow money from a shady lender and start again on his own. Despite the challenges, his broken heart gets soothed by a cute, scrappy bartender. Kit's new life seems to be going well until the snowy winter night he disappears.

Months after getting ghosted, the still-grieving Vincent winds up reuniting with his crush—by accidentally reviving him from his icy coffin. The newly awakened necromancer's routine gets turned upside down as he works with Kit to solve the zombie’s murder, investigate his own mysterious origins, and deal with the demon following them. Everything would be easier if they weren’t now sharing a heart—Kit might have died, but Vincent's feelings for him live on.


One Heart is a full-length, standalone paranormal romance novel.

cover for One Heart by Chace Verity featuring a golden heart necklace draped over a grave
alt text: cover for One Heart by Chace Verity featuring a golden heart necklace draped over a grave

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One Heart contains the following:
- Many, many references to death (one of the leads is dead, after all)
- Murder
- Grief
- Trauma
- Depiction of almost drowning
- Detailed horror imagery (ghosts, blood, bones, body parts where they shouldn't be, etc.)
- Estranged family
- Unintentional misgendering
- Cannabis and alcohol use
- References to drugs and addiction
- Presence of a fascist political party
- Explicit sexual content in chapters 23, 25, and 32
- References to deceased parents
- References to deceased pets (but they're actually fine! trust me)
Queer representation in One Heart includes:
- bisexual nonbinary protagonist
- pansexual cis man protagonist
- queer nonbinary side character
- sapphic cis women side characters