When librarian Tala Mendoza’s best online friend quits talking to her after a disastrous mission in their favorite mafia-themed MMORPG, she’s desperate to fix the rift between them. There’s not much she can do when the woman she knows as DallasGlow ignores her messages. Their years-long friendship looks to be truly over until the day Tala helps a gorgeous patron at work—and recognizes the avatar in the game she’s playing.


The (Virtual) Bodyguard is a complete, standalone f/f novella that was previously published in Second Chances: A Sapphic Romance Anthology.

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The (Virtual) Bodyguard contains the following:
- a character facing potential homelessness
- references to a car accident, violence, guns, drugs, estranged family, transphobia, ableism, depression, anxiety, and self-harm
- explicit sexual content in chapter five
Queer representation in The (Virtual) Bodyguard includes:
- lesbian cis woman protagonist
- lesbian trans woman love interest