Billionaire Jayden-James Hancock has spent his life in his fashionista mother’s shadow, wondering if he’ll ever be anything more than her awkward son, but an opportunity for change arrives with a new, cute, bubbly, cappuccino-loving assistant. Tired of debt struggles, Isla Dyer spends her free time attending rallies for student loan reformation and promoting the cause on social media. Inspired by Isla’s determination, Jayden-James decides to join the movement. While changing his clothes has always been easy, changing the world--and falling in love--might be a whole different catwalk.


The Blundering Billionaire is a complete, standalone novelette.

alt text: Cover for Chace Verity's The Blundering Billionaire featuring a man with light brown skin buttoning the jacket of his purple suit

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The Blundering Billionaire contains the following:
- Implied sex
Queer representation in The Blundering Billionaire includes:
- queer cis male protagonist
- queer trans female protagonist