Human guard Morgan Sunilian wants to be more than anyone believes he can be. He wants to be an Absolute and fight alongside the kingdom of Valiance’s most elite guardians in their resplendent gold armor. Morgan will do anything to prove he’s capable enough--even follow a corrupted prince--but his dreams become threatened when he meets a magical prisoner who makes him scrutinize his goals.

Mermaids are supposed to be calm, serious peacekeepers. Despite her solemn vows to the ocean goddess, Kelpana can’t help letting loose around humans and their glittering parties. However, her carefree spirit places her in prison with the one guard who won’t defy his given orders--even if it’ll mean her death.

Kelpana and Morgan have always balanced their dreams and duties. As they open their eyes to the broken systems around them, they must reevaluate if they’re content with following orders or ready to find out who they’re truly meant to be.

Your Heart Will Grow is a complete, standalone 80k novel in The Absolutes series.

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Your Heart Will Grow contains the following:
- Explicit sex scenes
- Offers of sex as currency/bargaining tool
- Multiple instances of a character being drugged
- Sexually-active character being harassed for being sexually-active
- Abusive family members
- Sexually explicit content in chapters 22, 38, and 43
- Some graphic violence
Queer representation in Your Heart Will Grow includes:
- heteroflexible trans male protagonist
- pansexual cis female protagonist
- multiple queer side characters