As a nineteen-year-old, Sorrel Jones had hooked up with the hottest, most unforgettable woman twenty years their senior, but she hadn’t been interested in a relationship with someone so young. Six years later, when they find Eileen Bowers’s online dating profile, they are quick to message her in an attempt to finally win her heart. The only thing that seems to be on Eileen’s mind is buying a new couch, but it doesn’t take long to figure out that shopping is foreplay for the older woman seeking fun and comfort—and Sorrel is more than happy to give her everything she wants.


“Comfort” is a standalone erotic short between a nonbinary character and trans woman character.

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Comfort contains the following:
- a pairing with a significant age difference
- explicit sex scenes
- exhibition kink
- semi-public sex
- references to past intoxicated sex
Queer representation in Comfort includes:
- queer nonbinary protagonist
- queer trans female protagonist