The Demon Inside Me (Loved by the Demon #4)

Colby Lankford-Hall never worries about what he really wants in life. Dreams are a luxury for a retail worker who needs to worry about getting the bills paid, and his hectic life suits him just fine. One day, a woman will see past his short frame, low wages, and his tendency to be late for everything. Yeah, he wants a girlfriend! Doesn’t he…?

Everything he thought he knew about himself changes when he meets Zed. Tall and sparkly, Zed looks like he stepped out of a dream. His blunt invitation to sleep together is too tempting to pass, and kissing the sweet man makes Colby long to be someone more worthy of such affection.

His wish unexpectedly comes true when the pair wake up inside each other’s bodies, forcing Zed to reveal his identity as a dream eater demon. With no immediate way to swap back, Colby has to learn how to live as a dream eater and prevent the demon inside his body from getting him fired. But the more time Colby spends away from his usual chaotic life, the more he realizes he has dreams—and they involve a certain gorgeous demon.


The Demon Inside Me is a standalone m/m paranormal novella in the Loved by the Demon series.

Cover for Chace Verity's <i>The Demon Inside Me</i> featuring a shirtless pale man wearing a hooded jacket surrounded by atmospheric smoke
alt text: Cover for Chace Verity's The Demon Inside Me featuring a shirtless pale man wearing a hooded jacket surrounded by atmospheric smoke

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The Demon Inside Me contains the following:

- leading character figuring out his sexuality
- leading character with a chronic illness and trauma
- references to neglectful parents
- references to estranged parents/family
- alcohol consumption
- references to weed
- misogynistic language
- explicit sexual content between a human and a demon in chapters 10 and 11
Queer representation in The Demon Inside Me includes:

- gay cis man protagonist (even if it takes him a while to figure this out)
- demon love interest who uses he/him pronouns and says he's gay
- gay cis man side character (assuming he's a human... *wink*)