A gender-confused farmer desperate to reclaim her farm and escape her stepparents’ abuse. A closeted prince more interested in helping his people than finding a bride. A fairy godfather with a ton of secrets and no powers. In this diverse fairy tale, everyone is searching for a happy ending.

The masquerade ball to find Prince Longhollow’s future bride might be Cynthia Lynah’s best chance at getting her family farm back. If she can marry him, she’ll have all the money and power she needs. Her newly discovered fairy godfather is ready to help her, but his magic can’t do anything to stop her heart from falling for two women she shouldn’t be attracted to--her stepsisters. In the midst of her flirtations, she causes her fairy godfather to lose his magic and stirs trouble for the prince desperate to save his nation from a famine.

Everyone gets a chance to be the hero of their story, but happy endings seem impossible when they need more than magic to make them happen.


Dithered Hearts is a full-length, standalone fantasy novel in the Dithered Hearts series.

alt text: cover for Chace Verity's Dithered Hearts featuring a white person holding a ballroom mask.

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Dithered Hearts contains the following:
- Abuse toward queer characters, including mental, emotional, and on-the-page physical abuse
- Abuse toward a disabled character
- Anti-queer rhetoric and microaggressions
- Excessive swearing, including gendered insults
- Mentions of deceased parents
- Mentions of substance abuse and addiction
- Misgendering, including accidental and willful instances
- Explicit sexual content
Queer representation in Dithered Hearts includes:
- nonbinary/f/f main romance
- lesbian nonbinary protagonist (she/they pronouns)
- lesbian cis female love interest
- bisexual cis female love interest
- trans aromantic-pansexual deuteragonist
- gay cis m/m side couple