Harrison Hamilton rarely takes risks in his everyday life. Raising a kid by himself has required him to be extra careful at his construction job and with his heart. But with his child off at university, only two hamsters to keep him company at home, and Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, the lonely Canadian dad is ready to take a risk in the world of online dating.

When he matches with a ludicrously attractive guy named Lazlo who is eager to go out with him, Harrison can hardly believe his luck. His first date with a man, however, does not go the way he expects. Instead of a handsome human, a pleasure demon with tentacles and a strange interest in trash shows up.

Despite being a little catfished, Harrison finds himself enamored with the demon on a quest to find his true happiness. Lazlo is always down to take risks and charmingly passionate about everything. As they continue going on dates and seeing each other for who they really are, Harrison starts to find himself hoping the answer to the demon’s happiness is a human heart.


Match with the Demon is a standalone paranormal romance novella in the Loved by the Demon series.

cover for Match with the Demon by Chace Verity featuring a white man holding a tentacle
alt text: cover for Match with the Demon by Chace Verity featuring a white man holding a tentacle

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Match with the Demon contains the following:
- Main character estranged from his family because of his sexuality
- Multiple references to transactional sex
- Use of nicotine and alcohol
- Brief references to cannabis
- Explicit depiction of sex between a human and a demon with some bondage and light breathplay
- ^ yes, the tentacles are involved, you’re welcome
Queer representation in Match with the Demon includes:
- gay cis male protagonist
- homoromantic-pansexual male love interest (cis or trans is up to reader's interpretation)