Mollie Bennett plans every detail of her life, but somewhere along the way, life stopped following her plans. Recently divorced and left to raise her young son alone, nothing about her forties is the way she thought it would be. And her unplanned life becomes more unpredictable when she discovers the hot, single dad next door is actually a demon.

Nuit is blunt with a bad habit of talking over people and lets his son run around without a coat in subzero temperatures. Total opposite of Mollie’s type. But maybe he has some good qualities—he uses his magic to keep her driveway free of snow, he’s devoted to learning how to be a good father, and he’s quick to help her own family when they’re in need.

When Nuit keeps showing up every time Mollie’s plans go awry, it turns out she might enjoy losing control of her life as long as she has someone she can rely on. Someone like the demon next door.
The Demon Next Door is a 28,000 word paranormal romance novella.

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The Demon Next Door contains the following:
- References to estranged family
- Discussion of history with the foster care system
- Use of alcohol and marijuana
- Explicit depiction of sex between a human and a demon
Queer representation in The Demon Next Door includes:
- bisexual cis female protagonist
- look, I don't know what Nuit is, but there's no way he's not queer