Odelia Aster runs her confectionery store with pride, even though profits are now practically non-existent. The hundred-year-old store has been in Odelia’s family from the invention of steamboats to the exile of magical creatures. She would do anything to protect her store and its famous candy geode recipe from the bandits now raiding the kingdom.

Five years ago, Odelia married a nice noblewoman to keep the shop from going under. She cares for her wife, but it’s hard to feel there is something real between them when Charlotte keeps her distance, taking naps all day and getting plastered at fancy parties. Charlotte is nothing like the alleged Masked Minotaur vanquishing the bandits across the nation. The idea of a Masked Minotaur keeping humans safe at the risk of certain punishment from the king excites Odelia in ways her wife does not.

When Odelia finds herself held up by a most unexpected bandit, she has to figure out how far she’ll go to protect her family’s legacy, even though all she wants is to be rescued by the Masked Minotaur.


The Masked Minotaur is a complete, standalone fantasy short story.

alt text: Cover for Chace Verity's The Masked Minotaur featuring the back of a person in a red hood with a sword. The background contains a large full moon and several trees.

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The Masked Minotaur contains the following:
- violence, including someone being threatened with a blade to their neck
- references to heavy drinking
- explicit sexual content
Queer representation in The Masked Minotaur includes:
- lesbian cis female protagonist
- lesbian cis female love interest